Dan Callaghan

DjangoCon AU 2013

DjangoCon AU was one of two “mini-confs” preceding this year’s PyCon Australia in Hobart. I picked DjangoCon (over the OpenStack mini-conf which also ran today) because I’ve never used Django seriously before. I wasn’t looking for a Django tutorial or anything, since I have skimmed it in the past and I’m very familiar with other frameworks, but I was hoping to be exposed to enough code and Django specifics that I could still follow along while being exposed to something new.

In reality it didn’t work out that way; the talks covered some very basic general concepts (“unit testing is important!”), and some very Django-specific utilities which I did not understand, but none of the talks hit that middle ground I was hoping for.

Below are some brief notes about the material covered in each talk.

Alex Gaynor’s keynote

Jacob Kaplan-Moss: Porting to Python 3

Greg Turner: FeinCMS

Russell Keith-Magee: Testing

Simon Meers: Django utilities

Tom Eastman: back-ends with Django

Curtis Maloney: REST API libraries for Django

Dylan Jay: Plone and Pyramid

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