Dan Callaghan

Miskin Hill launch

The fruit of my labours over the last few months has finally gone live: Miskin Hill Academic Publishing.

That’s the name I picked (more or less at random) for the business I started “to provide electronic publishing services for scholarly journals”. The LaTeX preparation work that I’ve been doing on ASEES for a few years now will be done under the name of Miskin Hill; but more significantly, I’ll also be publishing ASEES online, under the Miskin Hill domain, as an open access journal. Take that, EBSCO!

To begin with, volume 21 (2007) is online now, and I’ll be starting work on the latest issue (2008) very soon. In the meantime I hope to take advantage of a bit of downtime to improve the data feeds published on the site (I already publish metadata in as many formats as I could come up with, but I still haven’t figured out how aggregators like DOAJ and Google Scholar can find new content as it is published). I also have plenty ideas still for the Lucene-based search code. More on that one soon …