Dan Callaghan

Stranger without candy

Rees got me started on Stephen Colbert videos the other day, and in one of them he talks about Strangers with Candy. Stephen Colbert is a pretty funny guy, and when I realised that Amy Sedaris (whose brother David’s books are surely the most hilarious entries in the autobiographical genre ever) co-starred I knew I had found the perfect vehicle for further procrastination of my GRMN2120 essays.

So last night (this morning?) I watched the movie. It certainly convinced me of Amy Sedaris’s talent, and it definitely had its funny moments. I noticed shades of John Waters in it, but it really wasn’t up to his standard. If you were a fan of the original series then this would probably be absolute gold, but I found it fairly mundane. I gave it a 6 on IMDb.

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